Poseiden Rex (2013)

A small, secluded island off the coast of Belize suddenly finds itself terrorized by a deadly predator from the planet's distant past when deep sea divers accidentally awaken an ancient evil. .

Cast: Brian Krause, Anne McDaniels, Steven Helmkamp, Candice Nunes, Berne Velasquez.


Quarantine L.A. (2013)

A group of seven strangers try to survive and escape from isolated Los Angeles that has been infected by a strange, human changing virus.


Sinkhole (2014)

A group of teenagers get trapped in a sink hole and have to fight for their lives.

Cast: Gina Holden, Brooke Mackenzie, Dominika Juillet, Jeremy London, Eric Roberts.


Street (2015)

Remo Street is a young fighter who comes from a world where nothing is easy, so when he is faced with the opportunity to train with a world class coach, he has to choose between the long hard road to honor and glory, or succumbing to a brutal future as a cage fighter for the Russian Mafia.


Territory 8 (2013)

An eight mile quarantine zone in the Nevada Desert, known as Territory 8, is the site of the world's largest man-made disaster. Shortly after a chemical weapon explosion in the Nevada desert, two scientists find themselves confronting a sinister cover up, and a band of hostile survivors who are looking to escape the quarantined area known as Territory 8.


Three Holes, Three Brads, and a Smoking Gun (2013)

An ex-Hollywood screenwriter now teaching an evening class in New York finds himself in a sinister battle with a devious screenwriter student.

Cast: Joaquim de Almeida (Desperado, Fast Five, Clear and Present Danger), Richard Edson (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Platoon, Do The Right Thing), James Wilder (Models Inc.), Rudolf Martin (Swordfish).


Toxin (2015)

A pharmaceutical company recruits a well-known scientist to help develop a vaccine against a deadly virus.

Cast: Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon).


The Town That Came A Courtin' (2014)

Abby, obituary writer turned author, is used to making up quirky, charming characters in her books, but here in Bliss it almost seems like those characters have sprung to life, and Abby is fantasizing about moving right in. The townspeople have set their matchmaking minds in motion and they aren't about to let Abby leave without a little love in her heart.


Vincent (1981)

Leonard Nimoy stars in this critically lauded one-man performance that movingly reveals Vincent van Gogh as few knew him. Based on more than 500 letters exchanged between van Gogh and his brother Theo, the play examines the passion and torment of the extraordinary artist's life and death as seen through his brother's eyes. As van Gogh's paintings are projected in the background, Nimoy becomes both Theo van Gogh and Vincent in this compelling, touching portrayal that has thrilled theater-goers across the country.

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